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Nikola Mirotic, NBA Player Family Photo Session

Nikola Mirotic Chicago Family Photo Session

It was a super-hot September day of 2016. What differentiates amateur from professional is the ability to solve a problem successfully in the new situation. It was untypical hot for that part of the year where the temperature reached 90. Challenge accepted.

Nikola Mirotic the NBA player ( at that time Niko was playing for Chicago Bulls)  wanted the family photo album with his wife and son. For the location, I picked up fabulous Montrose Beach, that is placed at the North Side of the city of Chicago. Just a few blocks north from Irving Park Boulevard and two minutes drive from Lincoln Park and Lincoln Park Zoo.

At that time of year, I think it ‘s a perfect location for any type of photo session since it’s got a big parking lot available, the beach is covered with goldish sand and right next to it here is a great dock and little forest. Therefore, so many opportunities for a creative family photo session.

As always, I showed up 1-hour earlier. Before every photo session, I check the location and search for the best angles, the perfect spots, so my clients can prepare for the little bit of magic.

One of the key characteristics in my photography style is that I personally like to change the perspective of my photography frequently. It’s not unusual for me to quickly lay dawn on the ground in the middle of the session, on the street or a beach, climb on to some big elements, even jump into the water :) just for the purpose of finding the great angle and moment.

After the first half an hour where transfer to Montrose Harbor where on the massive concrete dock you can see the beautiful Chicago Skyline. I love the color of the Michigan Lake and the sparkling effects on its surface.

We had such a great time and a photo album that we created especially for them was a great present and true artistic legacy.

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