In today’s competitive business climate, photography is crucial. In fact, every industry needs to document their activities or achievements with photographs.

That’s why it’s beneficial for a business to be in partnership with a photo agency that can support a business’s promotional and marketing goals. At Elly Elite, we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with companies in need of these services—it’s a win-win situation.

Who would benefit from this kind of relationship?

If you are an event planner or PR company, then you are probably working with a multitude of clients and helping them organize events that are relevant to their business, operations and presentations. We’ve observed that only a handful of these companies have their own photographer, and that’s why offering photography services as an additional service could be a lifesaver.

Event planning can be very stressful, and many events are organized within tight deadlines. So, it’s crucial for you to have your team ready.

Knowing that you have a professional photography team at your disposal, ready to take on a project for your clients is a stress-reliever for you and one more item that you can check off your organizing list.

Forming a partnership with a photography company could bring more value to the business of an event planner and at the end of the day, more benefits to the clients.

If you can define the dynamics of how often you organize events and how often you might need a photographer, then we could create the perfect package for you!

Our goal is to build a sustainable business and provide our clients with a business partner they can rely on.

Through the use of professional photography, corporate events, annual reports, press releases and even business meetings will be significantly enhanced and thus greatly benefit the company.

Also, when a corporate event is photographed, this visual documentation provides “proof” of the activity, which can be beneficial for building trust and adding credibility with potential customers, current partners, and clients.

There are a lot of “If I don’t see the photo- it didn’t happen” kind of people out there. Let’s team up to provide them with high-quality event photography! After all, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

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The wedding industry in the US generates more than 50B$. Could you guess what is one of the most crucial aspects of the wedding industry? Yes, you guessed it! It’s photography.

Finding a perfect photographer is not an easy task and can sometimes take weeks.

We want to make your job easier. Before you get into the “fire” of business and get overwhelmed with your business obligations, let’s meet and discuss opportunities for wedding photography.

The hardest part of business is to get the client or close the deal. That is why we can guarantee that we will work for your clients as if they were our own. We will provide the high-end wedding photography.

Keep in mind that the more bookings you have, the better the deal you are going to get.

So, if you have any questions, kindly contact us now and let’s create a long-term relationship.

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If it weren’t for professional photography, there wouldn’t be a fashion industry—that’s a fact.

The second fact is that “fashion” doesn’t only belong to big names such as Gucci, Prada, Valentino, etc.… Technology now enables us to be our creators and there are many talented people out there. This includes individuals who promote different fashion styles or brands on social media sites or their own blogs.

Saska is a perfect example. She is a beautiful young woman who helps fashion brands to promote their clothing. Just think about the fastest growing image social platform- Instagram. Yes, its all about good photography and Saska brings new value to many brands. We are proud of our part.

It doesn’t matter if you are a 500 Fortune Fashion Company or a baby start-up.  We would be pleased to form a long-term relationship that would elevate your business.

If you are starting to drop ship or create handmade items that you want to promote—please call us! Good photography of your fashion ideas will make your products more appealing and exciting, and not just for your audience, but also for other platforms who wish to promote it.

Magazines, shopping blogs, and selling platforms simply looooove high-quality clothing photos! Let’s give them that!

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Food captured with a good photograph looks tastier!

Yes, photography sells. Fact.

If you are running a restaurant, especially here in Chicago Land where we have so many German bakeries, French bread makers, fabulous brownie cake and cookie makers, we would love to help you present your specials.  Imagine having a photographer that you can collaborate with for your online shop, catalogs, promotional materials, collateral, flyers, website, and Instagram!

Instagram is one of the most relevant photo platforms.  Since the competition is very stiff, we spend mounts in exploring what is the best way to take photos of a specific food so we could provide our clients the top notch photography. There are so many codes in food photography that we follow, since there are different rules on how to capture sweet cakes and see food for instance.

Instagram wants you to post images regularly. That’s why we are here to set up photo sessions on a regular basis, so you could have latest and updated photos from your product palette.

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