Engagement Photography

Family photography starts with engagement photo session.

They have a secret agreement. They both made the biggest promise. Great! Let’s make it just a little bit more glamorous and official. With some of our clients, we work for several years. During that period, we are providing photography services for every stage of their relationship. Think about events like birthdays, anniversaries, maternity, or newborn. That’s we want to say that family photography starts with engaging photography. Having engagement photos that you can share with other family members is probably one of the favorite gifts, our close family members could get.

What we also could take part in is to assist you on site when one wants to surprise the partner. These unique and often highly emotional moments deserved to be captured. What we try to achieve is to capture the emotion, surprise, love, and engaging moments, placing the ring on the hand of your beloved one.

And it’s a beautiful, surprising moment when engagement couple shares photo album with their family members.

Kids Photography

Hey Jenny, while you were in Europe, we had celebrated older kid’s birthday last month at this cool kids playroom I talked you about. You know how he is fascinated with Captain America. We designed the whole party in Super-hero style, Andrew even ware his newest Captain America costume. Omg, really how cute! Do you have some photos? Of course I do have, and they are adorable.

And that’s what usably happened when two girl friends are talking about the kids birthdays. Think about all the family members when they receive the photos of your special moments.

What makes us different than other photographers is that we tray to amuse kids during the photo session and try to make it as fun as much as possible. Keeping the kids attention is not an easy job but can make it look mesmerizing, artistic and magical.

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