Elly Elite, experienced in corporate headshots, event photography, portraits, family photography, wedding photography, is also happy to provide clients with pet photography services.

So why do we love pet photography and what makes it so unique compared to other types of photography?

We at Elly Elite believe that the relationship between humans and pets is so precious and love that we receive and give to our pets is truly one of a kind. A lot of people will agree that having a pet brings an added value to our lives.

People who live with their pets live a happier life comparing to those without them. Fact.

Pets can be one of the best therapy methods. When we feel unwell, they do a great job in comforting us. Based on psychologytoday.com loneliness is considered a new epidemic in the USA. It can make us feel separated, unaccepted, and disconnected. Isolation is something that plagues our society, and you may not always feel comfortable turning to other people in order to cure it. This is particularly true when you are dealing with social anxiety or just feeling unwanted by others.

Pets, however, don’t just love you, they need you as well. No matter what type of pet people choose, it can have significant health benefits for those who take care of them. The love of the pets, for many people, is extraordinary and unconditional. No matter how much time we spend with them, they are always giving more love back, and they will never judge us. There truly are our great allies.

Did you know that more than three out of five Americans have at least one pet in their household and almost all pet owners regard their pets like family? Americans with kids are most likely to have at least one pet and kids in these families may themselves be pet owners in the future.

Why Do Families consider Their Pet as a Part Of The Family?

More than three out of five Americans (62%) have at least one pet in their household and have the highest level of ownership of the two youngest generations tested (65% among Millennials, 71% among Gen X). Moreover, almost all pet owners (95 percent, up by four points from 2012, and 7 since the first question in 2007) regard their pets as families–and the behaviors supporting this claim could well contribute to those great (sales) expectations:

45% of pet owners say that they have bought a birthday present for their pets frequently or on occasion, up 5 points from 2012 and 8 items from 2007. Three out of ten (31 percent) say they cook especially for their pets often and occasionally, 7 points in 2012 and 8 points in 2007.

Americans with household children are most likely to have at least one pet (73% versus 57%) – and children in these families may themselves be pet owners of the future more likely than Americans, who were more likely than not to have one (66% versus 41%).

In addition to the previously mentioned growth in the number of pet farmers who frequently or occasionally purchase birthday gifts for and buys food for their pets (45 %), the majority of pet farmers often or sometimes leave their pets to sleep with them (71 %) and buy them holidays gifts (64 %). Just over two in ten people at least sometimes wear some kind of clothing (22 %), while just over one in ten do work on their pets at least sometimes (12 %).

Pet owners, of course, also show their love in their wallets, saying that they spend on 1200$ on average on food/treatments per year, medical costs ($ 425.7), pet sitting/boarding, playgrounds ($ 63.7) and other equipment ($ 97.4) every year in a combination. The same goes for their wallets. Women spend more on their pets’ items and services than men (almost $1,400 compared with less than $1,000).

Different people choose different pets based on their lifestyle, affinities, and character. People who live in rural areas or have a ranch will more likely have horses or bigger dogs – bigger animals in general. On the other hand, people who love substantial physical activity and exploring the wild would rather have a dog that can be trained in a military style so it can respond appropriately in different situations. Finally, people that live in limited space apartments, in the urban areas, choose smaller pets or pets that naturally don’t need full attention or substantial physical activity. Their natural choices are cats and small dogs, or aquarium/terrarium animals.

Dogs and cats are the most popular pets by far. They all have their unique appearance and personality.
They can be big, smart, and make us laugh or small, quiet, and cute. And we love them as they are! They love to spend time with us much as we like to spend time with them.
Since many households consider their pets family members, it is not surprising that pet photography is more popular than ever.

This kind of connection is something that we at Elly Elite like to capture and portray in our pet photography. During photo sessions, we see people experience high energy, excitement and happiness while playing with their pets. Elly Elite Photography sessions are the best way to capture the true nature of your relationship with your best friend and his unique personality and to create great pieces of art that you will cherish forever.

Elly Elite is based in Chicago and since the city has specific weather condition, we, as photographers can offer you multiple choices when it comes to pet photography. We can organize the photo shoot in the comfort of your home or we can do the shooting outdoors.

Montrose Beach is a Close by Pet-Friendly Beach

Chicago has many beautiful beaches, probably the best place to get away from the crowds and the business of the city. It is pet-friendly, ideal for family gatherings, picnics, and water sports. There is virtually always a football match of world-class nearby on summer weekends.

It is the cornerstone of Lincoln Park’s vast north side. In the southern park, there is the Lincoln Park Zoo. There is a natural harbor for boat watching, a beautiful bird’s sanctuary and some of the last dunes in the city. This is a place for walking, biking, swimming, and water sports.

And, if you’re lucky, you might get to sample some of the amazing rancheros grilling around the place — very diverse and fascinating view of how Chicagoans spend a Sunday afternoon. And the view from the seawall of downtown Chicago is impressive.

With Our Photography Service create an Everlasting Memory of Joyful Moments

Elly Elite’s photography team, made up of professional photographers, can add value to your pet photography. High-quality photography is critical to capturing special moments. We are sure that our approach, great energy, professional shots, team, and picking the best location will help you build trust.

It’s up to you whether you want the pictures of your pet alone, or the two of you together. In both cases, we can guarantee that we can produce high creative art-work. The packages are flexible and easy to adapt to your needs. Practically, they are designed for the pet owner who wants to have unique, work of art, visually rich photos for a lifetime.

These photos can liven up your home and work space. Imagine them hanging on your walls, radiating your pets’ love. Let’s celebrate our most important relationships. Photography boosts and energizes strongly. Living in a creative environment brings creativity to life: no more boring walls, no more solid colors.

We have years of experience in doing Pet Photography that capture the unique personality of our customers, shows our customers commitment and highlights best photographs. Our professional photography team can win your pets at times and details whether you need a new photo.

Best Months to do Outdoor Photography in Chicago? What is the best month to shoot outside?

If you ask which the best month to take pictures is, you probably wonder what month is most striking. Well, based on our experience, I would say the best time is between June and October to do outdoor photography.

And why are these the best months? Here are some reasons:

  • June: Beginning to get warmer in the evenings, so we usually switch to morning shoots in June.
  • July: Hotter, we still prefer morning shoots, and the wind is getting less intense and wormer. The dew in the mornings can be rough.
  • August: Hottest. The humidity is very high. Just try to avoid this month unless you’re booking a studio shoot.
  • September: My favorite month in Chicago. The weather conditions are perfect! We call it Sand Diego month. No rain to surprise you, no wind to mess up your hair or your pet’s fur. Even taking the photos during the evening or on the river walk could look very nice. We are open to new creative ideas!
  • October: Warm and usually not rainy. The greens are a deeper darker green in the leaves and grass, making for pretty fall portraits.

Indoor Photography in Winter

In winter administrations, Elly Elite Studio creates indoor pet photography to produce more and more snaps. We use high-quality bromide photographs to make rich and beautiful images of your pets. Our indoor covers are adapted to provide you with the best results for a long time.

Our logic is to remind you of the pleasure and happiness, whenever with your pets, we use our photo administration. Our Experts have the right skill, mentality, learning, and expertise to ensure the best quality, regardless of the size and duration of the photography, every time and whenever.

Does your pet want to proceed his professional career as a fashion model or actor?

Sounds crazy, actually, it’s not. What do these movies have in common: Wizard of Ozz, Lassie come home, K9, The Mask, Beethoven, I am a Legend, Dogs Tale or Hachi? You are correct, one of the main rolls belongs to dogs. And they did a great job in promoting the noble and pleasant characters of the “Mans best friend”. Also, we all remember the famous Chihuahua dog from Taco Bell Commercial from early 2000… But before their careers take off, what do they need? Great profile pictures for their book. Posing, sitting, standing, wearing the latest trendy dog hat or jumping from one place to another… these are all thing that one professional actor should have in his portfolio so the producers could understand what are the key skills and ability, correct?

Searching and learning more about the pets and especially dogs I learned so much and what surprised me I never knew how deep the pet care goes. Briefly, you can learn about new trends in the pet industry by reading this  Forbes article.

The recently deceased and global phenomenon Grumpy Cat was a true sensation… With her Facebook profile, Twitter. Youtube and Instagram account, Grumpy Cat become a trendsetter and a humorous voice of other cats. During her life, (2017-2019) Grumpy Cat generated more than $100 million in revenue. How did she manage to do that? Well, it’s easy when you have that unique charm, and your cutting video has 21M views, or if you have 27M followers on Instagram.

So, if your pet wants that kind of a promotion, sponsorships, contracts or just engagement in the entertainment or movie industry. Call us! Maybe we will have future Brad Pit in pet actors space. Now that I mention that, I wonder who might that be? :)

Our Experience

We have been in this field for more than five years now and our extremely talented photographers do not just take lovely photos; they produce art. No work is too big that we are not ready for it and no task that is too small not to receive our full attention. Our dedication will be at the highest level.

We would like to hear from you first: do you have some ideas, let us know about your vision. What is that you like – black or white photography, color, let’s talk about the art direction and we will create the best possible photos so you can be a hundred percent satisfied. Get in touch with us now. We are looking forward to meeting you and your pet!