Pet Photography Chicago

Elly Elite, experienced in corporate headshots, event photography, portraits, family photography, wedding photography, is also happy to provide clients with pet photography services.

So why do we love pet photography and what makes it so unique compared to other types of photography?

We at Elly Elite believe that the relationship between humans and pets is so precious and love that we receive and give to our pets is truly one of a kind. A lot of people will agree that having a pet brings an added value to our lives.

People who live with their pets live a happier life comparing to those without them. Fact.

Pets can be one of the best therapy methods. When we feel unwell, they do a great job in comforting us. Based on loneliness is considered a new epidemic in the USA. It can make us feel separated, unaccepted, and disconnected. Isolation is something that plagues our society, and you may not always feel comfortable turning to other people in order to cure it. This is particularly true when you are dealing with social anxiety or just feeling unwanted by others.

Pets, however, don’t just love you, they need you as well. No matter what type of pet people choose, it can have significant health benefits for those who take care of them. The love of the pets, for many people, is extraordinary and unconditional. No matter how much time we spend with them, they are always giving more love back, and they will never judge us. There truly are our great allies.

Did you know that more than three out of five Americans have at least one pet in their household and almost all pet owners regard their pets like family? Americans with kids are most likely to have at least one pet and kids in these families may themselves be pet owners in the future.

Why Do Families consider Their Pet as a Part Of The Family?

More than three out of five Americans (62%) have at least one pet in their household and have the highest level of ownership of the two youngest generations tested (65% among Millennials, 71% among Gen X). Moreover, almost all pet owners (95 percent, up by four points from 2012, and 7 since the first question in 2007) regard their pets as families–and the behaviors supporting this claim could well contribute to those great (sales) expectations:

45% of pet owners say that they have bought a birthday present for their pets frequently or on occasion, up 5 points from 2012 and 8 items from 2007. Three out of ten (31 percent) say they cook especially for their pets often and occasionally, 7 points in 2012 and 8 points in 2007.

Americans with household children are most likely to have at least one pet (73% versus 57%) – and children in these families may themselves be pet owners of the future more likely than Americans, who were more likely than not to have one (66% versus 41%).

In addition to the previously mentioned growth in the number of pet farmers who frequently or occasionally purchase birthday gifts for and buys food for their pets (45 %), the majority of pet farmers often or sometimes leave their pets to sleep with them (71 %) and buy them holidays gifts (64 %). Just over two in ten people at least sometimes wear some kind of clothing (22 %), while just over one in ten do work on their pets at least sometimes (12 %).

Pet owners, of course, also show their love in their wallets, saying that they spend on 1200$ on average on food/treatments per year, medical costs ($ 425.7), pet sitting/boarding, playgrounds ($ 63.7) and other equipment ($ 97.4) every year in a combination. The same goes for their wallets. Women spend more on their pets’ items and services than men (almost $1,400 compared with less than $1,000).

Different people choose different pets based on their lifestyle, affinities, and character. People who live in rural areas or have a ranch will more likely have horses or bigger dogs – bigger animals in general. On the other hand, people who love substantial physical activity and exploring the wild would rather have a dog that can be trained in a military style so it can respond appropriately in different situations. Finally, people that live in limited space apartments, in the urban areas, choose smaller pets or pets that naturally don’t need full attention or substantial physical activity. Their natural choices are cats and small dogs, or aquarium/terrarium animals.

Dogs and cats are the most popular pets by far. They all have their unique appearance and personality.
They can be big, smart, and make us laugh or small, quiet, and cute. And we love them as they are! They love to spend time with us much as we like to spend time with them.
Since many households consider their pets family members, it is not surprising that pet photography is more popular than ever.

This kind of connection is something that we at Elly Elite like to capture and portray in our pet photography. During photo sessions, we see people experience high energy, excitement and happiness while playing with their pets. Elly Elite Photography sessions are the best way to capture the true nature of your relationship with your best friend and his unique personality and to create great pieces of art that you will cherish forever.

Elly Elite is based in Chicago and since the city has specific weather condition, we, as photographers can offer you multiple choices when it comes to pet photography. We can organize the photo shoot in the comfort of your home or we can do the shooting outdoors.

Montrose Beach is a Close by Pet-Friendly Beach

Chicago has many beautiful beaches, probably the best place to get away from the crowds and the business of the city. It is pet-friendly, ideal for family gatherings, picnics, and water sports. There is virtually always a football match of world-class nearby on summer weekends.

It is the cornerstone of Lincoln Park’s vast north side. In the southern park, there is the Lincoln Park Zoo. There is a natural harbor for boat watching, a beautiful bird’s sanctuary and some of the last dunes in the city. This is a place for walking, biking, swimming, and water sports.

And, if you’re lucky, you might get to sample some of the amazing rancheros grilling around the place — very diverse and fascinating view of how Chicagoans spend a Sunday afternoon. And the view from the seawall of downtown Chicago is impressive.

With Our Photography Service create an Everlasting Memory of Joyful Moments

Elly Elite’s photography team, made up of professional photographers, can add value to your pet photography. High-quality photography is critical to capturing special moments. We are sure that our approach, great energy, professional shots, team, and picking the best location will help you build trust.

It’s up to you whether you want the pictures of your pet alone, or the two of you together. In both cases, we can guarantee that we can produce high creative art-work. The packages are flexible and easy to adapt to your needs. Practically, they are designed for the pet owner who wants to have unique, work of art, visually rich photos for a lifetime.

These photos can liven up your home and work space. Imagine them hanging on your walls, radiating your pets’ love. Let’s celebrate our most important relationships. Photography boosts and energizes strongly. Living in a creative environment brings creativity to life: no more boring walls, no more solid colors.

We have years of experience in doing Pet Photography that capture the unique personality of our customers, shows our customers commitment and highlights best photographs. Our professional photography team can win your pets at times and details whether you need a new photo.

Best Months to do Outdoor Photography in Chicago? What is the best month to shoot outside?

If you ask which the best month to take pictures is, you probably wonder what month is most striking. Well, based on our experience, I would say the best time is between June and October to do outdoor photography.

And why are these the best months? Here are some reasons:

  • June: Beginning to get warmer in the evenings, so we usually switch to morning shoots in June.
  • July: Hotter, we still prefer morning shoots, and the wind is getting less intense and wormer. The dew in the mornings can be rough.
  • August: Hottest. The humidity is very high. Just try to avoid this month unless you’re booking a studio shoot.
  • September: My favorite month in Chicago. The weather conditions are perfect! We call it Sand Diego month. No rain to surprise you, no wind to mess up your hair or your pet’s fur. Even taking the photos during the evening or on the river walk could look very nice. We are open to new creative ideas!
  • October: Warm and usually not rainy. The greens are a deeper darker green in the leaves and grass, making for pretty fall portraits.

Indoor Photography in Winter

In winter administrations, Elly Elite Studio creates indoor pet photography to produce more and more snaps. We use high-quality bromide photographs to make rich and beautiful images of your pets. Our indoor covers are adapted to provide you with the best results for a long time.

Our logic is to remind you of the pleasure and happiness, whenever with your pets, we use our photo administration. Our Experts have the right skill, mentality, learning, and expertise to ensure the best quality, regardless of the size and duration of the photography, every time and whenever.

Does your pet want to proceed his professional career as a fashion model or actor?

Sounds crazy, actually, it’s not. What do these movies have in common: Wizard of Ozz, Lassie come home, K9, The Mask, Beethoven, I am a Legend, Dogs Tale or Hachi? You are correct, one of the main rolls belongs to dogs. And they did a great job in promoting the noble and pleasant characters of the “Mans best friend”. Also, we all remember the famous Chihuahua dog from Taco Bell Commercial from early 2000… But before their careers take off, what do they need? Great profile pictures for their book. Posing, sitting, standing, wearing the latest trendy dog hat or jumping from one place to another… these are all thing that one professional actor should have in his portfolio so the producers could understand what are the key skills and ability, correct?

Searching and learning more about the pets and especially dogs I learned so much and what surprised me I never knew how deep the pet care goes. Briefly, you can learn about new trends in the pet industry by reading this  Forbes article.

The recently deceased and global phenomenon Grumpy Cat was a true sensation… With her Facebook profile, Twitter. Youtube and Instagram account, Grumpy Cat become a trendsetter and a humorous voice of other cats. During her life, (2017-2019) Grumpy Cat generated more than $100 million in revenue. How did she manage to do that? Well, it’s easy when you have that unique charm, and your cutting video has 21M views, or if you have 27M followers on Instagram.

So, if your pet wants that kind of a promotion, sponsorships, contracts or just engagement in the entertainment or movie industry. Call us! Maybe we will have future Brad Pit in pet actors space. Now that I mention that, I wonder who might that be? :)

Our Experience

We have been in this field for more than five years now and our extremely talented photographers do not just take lovely photos; they produce art. No work is too big that we are not ready for it and no task that is too small not to receive our full attention. Our dedication will be at the highest level.

We would like to hear from you first: do you have some ideas, let us know about your vision. What is that you like – black or white photography, color, let’s talk about the art direction and we will create the best possible photos so you can be a hundred percent satisfied. Get in touch with us now. We are looking forward to meeting you and your pet!

Wedding Photo Album

Wedding Album is an Add-on to the Wedding Photography Services at EllyElite.

Aside from our regular photography services. We can also provide a wedding album design.

Depends on the size of a wedding we typically create more than four thousand images, sometimes up to eight thousand and after filtering out and keeping only the best, we end up in delivering from 600 to more than a thousand, as I said depends on the type of wedding, locations, and number of guests.

Having digital phots is great. You can share them with you family and friends, post in on a social media, Instagram is probably the best visual storytelling social media platform for the past couple of years, but there is something that people usually recognize as a missing spot.

Physical prints. You know, old fashion, traditional, but beautiful printed samples could be the very precious thing for those who like album type of form. When you think about it, there is something in touching the pages, rolling them and feel the discrete smell of a book itself. It is a genuinely different experience than swiping the images on your digital device.

This is what bridesmaids usually do after the wedding when we create and print the album for you, they invite their closes friends, and with a glass of champaign and probably few strawberries, they look the album and evoke their memories form the wedding day.

Having all that in mind we, at Elly Elite hired a kick-ass graphic designer! We want to create and design this photo wedding album and make it look a-m-a-z-i-n-g. And our team can do it. There are a couple of package price variations depends on the type of design you want.  Some people want their wedding album clean and minimal, fill out with just their photos, while others want a custom and more editorial design. Think about with lovely backgrounds light wood, flower details, jars, books, etc.

We can do it all. We can pick up 20-40 images and sort them properly so you can have this unique photo album. You can order it for yourself or you can order it and send it to a family member who could come to the wedding. Basically, you can use it as a gift. It’s not that rare that people order even five or ten albums and send it to their loved ones. Some couples want to order the photo album for their anniversary, or their best man can do this for them. There are so many options and if you have some double thinking about the possible options or packages you can always reach out. Together, we can discuss what would be the best option based of the occasion: a wedding album, anniversary, birthday, birthday of a newborn.

The Wedding album that you can get is custom made, printed in high-quality digital printing technology both black and white and colored graphics/photos.
Usually, the wedding album looks great with hardcover navy blue material with the photo centered on the front cover page, just like in the video you just saw.

There is no limitation for a number of pages and photos, however, we would suggest going with no less than 38 images.

Wedding album comes with the USB that is packed in the beautiful hand-crafted wooden box with your names on it. USB that contains the digital photos is usually made of the elegant goldish head and transparent plastic.

How to estimate time in photography business

Time is relative, we all know that.

Different people have different approaches to time tracking. OK, but what does it have to do with the photography business?

Let me try to explain.

There are two types of people in this world when it comes to time tracking.

1. One type of people are those estimating the time by taking into consideration only the very best/ ideal conditions, which by the way are very unlikely to happen

2. In the other group are those estimating time “door” to “door,” and these are the realistic ones.

Here is a perfect example for the first group:

Frank lives in Schaumburg (Chicago western suburbs) for instance, and he has to show up at the lake- Randolph Marina in Downtown Chicago.

When Frank moved with his family from Chicago Downtown to Schaumburg 2 months ago (33ml), I asked him how much time it takes him to travel from his new place back to the city. His response was – up to 30 minutes.

That is correct if Frank is driving after 3 am, and there is no one on the expressway. What happens in real life situation is that Frank will need a little bit more than 60 minutes on average to get from point A to point B.

Think about regular heavy traffic, rush hour, add to that one or two medical vehicles or fire department vehicles on the way, and since Frank lives in Chicago area – add a few drops of rain or snow.

So, I asked him again, trying to rephrase my question: how much time you leave to yourself to get to work. He responded differently this time: to be safe, he said, probably a little bit over 70 minutes.

And there you go. We have a straight answer.

To give you an example for the second group, I talked to Linda.

Linda is smart. She is a very organized and highly responsible person. One of those people that you consider to be your very best friend because of their reliability. The one you trust so much you can ask her to pick up your kids from the travel soccer game and bring them home because you are on the annual summit, and you need someone you trust.

Linda lives and works very close to Frank, but she responded differently. She said right away that she needs more than 75 minutes because she is estimating her time from door to door. Linda instantly included a possible stop at the gas station, grabbing the Starbucks coffee real quick, etc. She is a very organized and punctual person.

Again, what does all this have to do with the photography business? It actually has to do a lot.

Sometimes we get approached by people who want “oh, just a couple of pictures.” This very phrase is already a downplaying in every service. When a service provider of any kind hears this, they already know that this client wants to think of it as a small job, not taking into consideration all aspects of it. In the photography business, it is very often the postproduction, but can also be travel time to the location or other logistics matter.

I am writing this because I have experienced a very similar situation just recently. A person asked me to show up and take “just a few photos” while the location was 2 hours from my home, in another State to be precise, and it did not pop up until I asked.

So here is the math.

To be professional, I am Linda-kind-of-person, and I have that highly responsible, operational approach.

Even if you need just a couple of photos from the event, you should keep in mind some tricks of the trade I already talked about in one of the previous posts. Usually, the chance to take the best photos is at the very end of the session. People are most relaxed at that point, and the trust between me as a photographer and participants has been established.

As a professional photographer, you are not estimating just the time spent on site. Preparing for professional photography is a process that is usually starting the day before.

  • I charge batteries.
  • Prepare the memory cards.
  • Flashlights.
  • Set up a timer.

Now let’s do the math together, shall we:

Wherever I am shooting- Chicago downtown, Chicago Edgewater, Lincoln Park, North Beach, Gold Coast, or West Loop, I always show up one hour earlier. To be there, let’s say for one hour just for shooting, that translates immediately to 2 hours.
For these locations, it takes me usually an hour driving from and back home and 2-3 hours for postproduction.
Layed down like this, plus preparation, it sums up to at least 8 hours of my time.

So when the clients see that we are on site and working in front of their eyes for an hour- we work up to 8 hours.

Since the purpose of every business is to be profitable, we are trying to have attractive prices and be competitive on the market, while providing top of the art service. Therefore we are continually investing in our equipment and production quality, as well as the marketing services, digital blueprint, and promotion.

Therefore our full price is based on all the abovementioned aspects which are crucial for keeping EllyElite photography as a creative but at the same time healthy business.

If you like what you just read, please reach out to us.

What are your thoughts on the projection of time in the photography business? Please comment in the section below.

10 Top Reasons Why Professional Head Shot Is Important For Your Business

If you are active in business, regardless of whether you are working for a company or own a business, having a professional corporate headshot is crucial. At every stage of your career or business, think about your profile photo as a marketing tool or asset. It is an essential part of your branding package.

Think about it! Let’s say that you have three candidates with same qualifications applying for a position in your company. As a decision maker, whom would you prefer to hire?

  • Candidate A without an image on LinkedIn;
  • Candidate B with a blurry image;
  • Candidate C with the professional image?

Of course, you will choose Candidate C, because tomorrow when he/she is representing your company, their professional presentation will have a positive impact on your business.

That all being said, I don’t understand why some people on LinkedIn don’t have a profile photo. Especially today when anyone with the smartphone can easily snap one.

To be totally honest, without a photo, you look like a spammer or stalker, and I don’t wish to communicate with a wall. When you don’t display your photo on your business profile or website, you are withholding information about yourself which implies that you are hiding. When you think about it, there is no reason not to have a professional photo on LinkedIn.

  1. Let me share ten reasons why you should hire a professional photographer to take your headshots.
    LinkedIn profiles with professional headshots get 31 times more profile views.
  2. LinkedIn profiles with photos get 14 times more profile views
  3. LinkedIn profiles with photos get 36 times more messages.
  4. A professional image will enhance your website by giving it a more professional look.
  5. It adds a personal touch to your business
  6. With unique portrait photography, you could say so much about yourself.
  7. A professional headshot builds credibility.
  8. Get your headshots as soon as possible, because you never know when you are going to need them.
  9. It’s 2017─everyone should have a great looking headshot.
  10. Finally, you deserve it!

Don’t second guess yourself. If you need a professional photographer in Chicago Land, please call us, and we will help you take your business to the next level with professional headshots.

Elle Magazine Published Our Editorial Photography Session!

As a photographer, I wanted to engage with trendsetters, fashion bloggers so I could help them promote their ideas, style and bring more attraction to their web presence.

When I met Saska, a couple of months ago, we clicked immediately. I fell in love with her fashion style right away. It was clear that she is a very talented, gorgeous, young fashionista, who inspires women interested in the latest fashion trends.

I wanted to work with her ASAP, but I had to learn about her business. One of the things that Saska does is to promote the clothing outfits from various brands on her channel, and they are using her photos for editorials in media outlets across the globe.

Get published in relevant fashion magazine- checked!

After only two months of collaboration, our photo editorial was published in one of the most prominent Fashion and Life Style Magazine- ELLE. This time it was a Croatian October Issue. We are very proud to have the opportunity to be promoted in one of the most trendy, fashion influencer and life style magazines that has a global distribution.

If you ant to see this photosession click here.

If you are in the fashion industry, managing a blog, or promoting other brands, if you need a photographer who can transfer your ideas and vision into a sophisticated visual language, then please contact us now! We are open to a mutually beneficial long-term relationship.

Nikola Mirotic, NBA Player Family Photo Session

Nikola Mirotic has been with the Chicago Bulls for three years now. He learned about our business through a charitable event that he participated in.

We started by discussing his presentation and promotion on the web. Initially, we helped create personal photos for his web presentation that were done by Designer and Gentleman. You can see that some details from that photo session here.

After a while, he asked us to create family photos too. Of course, we jumped at the opportunity right away.

Whenever we get the opportunity to work with highly sophisticated clients, we probe even deeper to understand their needs.  To achieve this, we gave Nikola Mirotic a questionnaire to fill so we could better understand him.

I remember one of the responses that he gave perfectly depicts his kindness and life philosophy.

EEQ: What is your Favorite Movie:

NMA: Hacksaw Ridge

EEQ: What is your favorite Movie Character

NMA: Desmond T Doss

That’s when we understand that he is a calm man, who doesn’t believe in violence, who loves his family and although he is not an aggressive person, he can still be a true hero and inspiration to millions of people.

Knowing all this, capturing the perfect images of his family was a memorable experience for us. We took them to the north beach of Michigan on the hottest September day recorded in history, but it was fun!

To See this family Photo album click here.

What’s most important though is that the Mirotic family is happy with the photos and we exceeded their expectations.

“I Don’t Feel Comfortable in Front of the Camera,” Then This Article Is for You.

Professional photography can capture a person’s emotions and feelings. We can trigger specific moods to evoke emotions such as happiness, sadness or loneliness. On the other hand, we can also hide certain emotions through photographic techniques.

Based on our experience in photography, we do understand that from time to time, one’s business or family obligations may lead to a situation where they are not in the mood for a photo shoot. What should you do in this circumstance?

It’s easy. At Elly Elite Photography we have solutions and tips for overcoming the “bad days” when in front of the camera.

01. No one will know that you had a headache by looking at the photo.

First of all, professional family photography is about creating memories. We capture your magical moments so that you can have them forever. As time passes, no one will recall how you felt on the day of the photo session, and we will try not to capture that “bad mood” in our photography session. Rather, we will try and “hide” it.

Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and at ease during the photo session so that your photos can look fabulous.

02. Your family Members can’t wait to get your newest family’s photos.

If you are booking a professional family photographer in Chicago, so that you could send your images to other family members, we’ll consider their perspective.

It’s crucial for us to have the perfect environment, lighting, and angles for photo shooting you and your family members.

Keep in mind that Elly Elite will go to great lengths to make you feel relaxed. We will play soothing music while working quickly and efficiently and help you choose the right decor. We will be there for you, and we are ready to go the extra mile.

03. Feel Good about yourself and be positive.

This is a simple life philosophy that doesn’t only apply to your photo session, but to life in general.

Yes, I know that sometimes it’s not easy to keep up and be positive, but that is life. What do I do on my blue days? I try to expose myself to all the things that make me happy. There are small, inexpensive things that bring joy to our life. Let’s start with music—Why don’t you play the music that you love the most?

Keep your mind occupied with good memories and try to stay relaxed.


04. Focus on your Family members or your career goals

If you booked a family photo session, it helps people to relax when they are focused on their partner, kids, pet or other subjects in the photos.

Often, we ask couples to look into each other’s eyes, to hug or cuddle and feel the gentle touch of their partner. These techniques help individuals to relax, which leads to an improvement in their comfort level during the photo session.

Focusing on people you love will make you feel good, happy and loved. It will boost your energy and help you to present yourself in the best way. Of course, we will also be very focused to enable you to showcase the best version of yourself.

If you are getting a corporate headshot and you are the only subject in the photo, then consider this: In any business, there are specific milestones that we define such as closing a deal, selling,  finishing a project in a specified time frame, or a presentation.  It’s essential to carefully consider these defining points in our career.

So, try to gather your focus and give your best. Remember, having a good photo could lead to more projects or job opportunities along the way.

Give your best during this one or two-hour session, so that you can achieve your business goals and reap the benefits of this deal for a long time.

 05. How to forget that your photographer is on the set with you

We believe that  spontaneous photographs are generally the best. Often, people look amazingly relaxed is when they don’t look at the photographer or lenses.

For our photo sessions, we work hand in hand with the clients and provide them with guidelines such as to how to position themselves, where to look, how to breathe, how fast to walk and even when to bend your knees. We employ techniques similar to those that professional models use at their photo sessions or on the catwalk.

Also, we use modern, high-tech (very expensive) equipment with powerful lenses that enable us to capture perfect photos even if we are 20 yards away. In this case, you will not even notice our presence, yet end up with perfect photos.

06. Proper/ Right Food and Diet Can Help

Whenever I know that I have an important upcoming meeting, I am careful with the food that I consume.

When I worked as a model in the advertising industry (I made several TVC for Banks, Fashion industry, etc.), I didn’t experiment with food on those days right before or during the photo sessions. Although I am open to trying new foods, I wouldn’t dare experiment with food until the session was completed.

I eat what I am accustomed to because I don’t want to get surprised by the heavy feeling in my belly caused by a new food. You don’t want that either. That would distract you from feeling comfortable in front of the camera. There will be plenty of time to try new things, have dinner in new restaurants, etc. On the day of the photo session, eat your regular fare.

07. Last but not the least, there is our secret component: Post-production.

The most beautiful photographic effects are those that you don’t notice. I am referring to professional retouches that look natural and not fake.

Hair should stay and look like hair, but with a subtle glossy effect; eyes should have a sexy glow, but not as a terminator. Human skin is a delicate substance, therefore we are trying to maintain its texture and not to transform it into rubber or some artificial texture. Although we are masters of post-production, we still value the natural look.

Depends on our package or budget we could make your photo look magical. From hair, to skin retouching, clouds, background environment fixing. Our team members are highly experienced and have worked on global campaigns for distinguished clients.

We have worked with several prominent businesses including L’Oreal, Prada, Paco Rabanne and Valentino. Therefore, we do know how to make your portrait look like a Hollywood Star or as if you are advertising high-end brand fragrances.

If you need personal headshots, corporate headshots, editorial photography please reach us now!