Wedding Album is an Add-on to the Wedding Photography Services at EllyElite.

Aside from our regular photography services. We can also provide a wedding album design.

Depends on the size of a wedding we typically create more than four thousand images, sometimes up to eight thousand and after filtering out and keeping only the best, we end up in delivering from 600 to more than a thousand, as I said depends on the type of wedding, locations, and number of guests.

Having digital phots is great. You can share them with you family and friends, post in on a social media, Instagram is probably the best visual storytelling social media platform for the past couple of years, but there is something that people usually recognize as a missing spot.

Physical prints. You know, old fashion, traditional, but beautiful printed samples could be the very precious thing for those who like album type of form. When you think about it, there is something in touching the pages, rolling them and feel the discrete smell of a book itself. It is a genuinely different experience than swiping the images on your digital device.

This is what bridesmaids usually do after the wedding when we create and print the album for you, they invite their closes friends, and with a glass of champaign and probably few strawberries, they look the album and evoke their memories form the wedding day.

Having all that in mind we, at Elly Elite hired a kick-ass graphic designer! We want to create and design this photo wedding album and make it look a-m-a-z-i-n-g. And our team can do it. There are a couple of package price variations depends on the type of design you want.  Some people want their wedding album clean and minimal, fill out with just their photos, while others want a custom and more editorial design. Think about with lovely backgrounds light wood, flower details, jars, books, etc.

We can do it all. We can pick up 20-40 images and sort them properly so you can have this unique photo album. You can order it for yourself or you can order it and send it to a family member who could come to the wedding. Basically, you can use it as a gift. It’s not that rare that people order even five or ten albums and send it to their loved ones. Some couples want to order the photo album for their anniversary, or their best man can do this for them. There are so many options and if you have some double thinking about the possible options or packages you can always reach out. Together, we can discuss what would be the best option based of the occasion: a wedding album, anniversary, birthday, birthday of a newborn.

The Wedding album that you can get is custom made, printed in high-quality digital printing technology both black and white and colored graphics/photos.
Usually, the wedding album looks great with hardcover navy blue material with the photo centered on the front cover page, just like in the video you just saw.

There is no limitation for a number of pages and photos, however, we would suggest going with no less than 38 images.

Wedding album comes with the USB that is packed in the beautiful hand-crafted wooden box with your names on it. USB that contains the digital photos is usually made of the elegant goldish head and transparent plastic.