After committing to spend the life together, it’s time to pose in front of the camera and make you and your darling the official couple of the season! Whilst all the excitement of making wedding plans, engagement couple photography is also important to share some good laughs and joy about spending the life together. This honeymoon phase is a true sense of happiness for both. It’s better to seize it in a couple of frames to make as a memorable time and there is no better place to seal these beautiful memories than in the city of LA.

Are you overwhelmed and confused about which location to choose for your session? Don’t worry we will guide about each location and their plus points based on experience and privilege of exploring these places ourselves. Out of all the breathtaking places in LA we have handpicked the top 20 for your special celebration. All of them offer some great sightings and backdrops. Sit back and relax while we take you through some of our favorite places for engagement and wedding photography in Los Angeles. Don’t forget to save your favorite LA wedding photography locations!

  1. Arboretum of Los Angeles County


The first location is for all those hopeless romantics, the Arboretum of Los Angeles County is one of the most surreal places for wedding photography in LA. This superb beauty is located in Arcadia, California. The location offers a lush garden setting, perfect for portraits and romantic shots.

It is peaceful scenery with a variety of gardens and landscapes that can blend well with your wedding/engagement photographs. Depending on your mood, you can pick from a variety of gardens full of natural scape.

There are so many gardens that you can explore in this natural sanctuary varying from aquatic and surreal pools, creative plant vignettes, intimate landscapes to fruity gardens. Baldwin Lake is also an outstanding part of the Arboretum where you can take some good photos.

Baldwin Lake at the Arboretum in Arcadia on Wednesday, September 5, 2018. The Gabrielino-Tongva want to see the polluted lake restored with a recreation of a Tongva village with kiches and tomols. (Photo by Sarah Reingewirtz, Pasadena Star-News/SCNG)


Dress up elegantly for your shoot in the Arboretum to match the romantic nature of the surrounding. The ideal time would be in the morning to make the most of the greenery. Don’t forget to take some sunset shots as well for a full romantic picture.

  1. Griffiths Park Observatory


Griffiths Park Observatory is located in the Griffith Park on the slope of Mount Hollywood. Escape the city of LA for your wedding/engagement photography and absorb the breathtaking beauty of the Griffiths Park Observatory. This spot is located above the sea level with a view of the city.

You can get some great photographs, walking down the trails for short walks. The valleys in the area are no less! The beautiful views of the Observatory make a perfect playground for any photographer. Pose with your loved one in front of the LA buildings and mark the happiest days of your life. Whether you go for day or night photography, the LA skyline will definitely stand out in the background.


A dressing tip for you is to go for some slight formal pieces, keeping the mode super relaxed and cool. The air itself is romantic so you don’t really have to do much other than smiling!

  1. Walt Disney Concert Hall


If you are not the romantic getaway type couple, then you will definitely love this next pick. The Walt Disney Concert hall, located in downtown LA offers a futuristic vibe. The structure of the hall adds an ultramodern background in the images. This setting is for those laid back and edgy couples who are all about seizing the moment. The architectural shapes and lights create vibrant and interesting backdrops. The best thing about the place is that you can roam around freely without any interruption.


We love the artistic venue because of its silver walls and amazing architecture. Its geometrical and contemporary look is something that you cannot afford to miss! Go for a dapper look with tucked in shirt and the lady can dress up in her elegant red dress. Match the vibe by wearing deep shades and seize the romance!

  1. Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel


The Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel is an exquisite place for wedding photography. The prime location is an urban retreat spread across seven acres of beautiful and pristine property. The picturesque venue is all you need for wedding photography of your dream in LA.

It has a chic outdoor terrace, surrounded by olive trees and a magnificent fountain. The Mediterranean garden also serves as prestigious spot for some great couple portraits. Take a romantic stroll with your partner under the trees wrapped in string lights at night for some dreamy pictures.

  1. Greystone Mansion


Embrace the elegance of the old world and fairytale aesthetic at the Greystone Mansion. Located in Beverly Hills, this mansion can be a classic destination for your romantic wedding photography in LA. You can start the shoot in the elegant garden, featuring a historic fountain surrounded by lush floral elements.

Continue the romantic session till sunset and pose with your loved one at the side balcony during the gorgeous golden sunset. Finish the shoot with some portraits in the courtyard of the mansion in the golden light.


Ideal dressing for this classic fairytale inspired wedding shoot would be formal evening wear with sparkling jewels. This place will definitely give you some strong wedding feels.

  1. Palm Springs


Get away with your fiancé in the Palm Springs, a quick drive away from LA. It is a perfect vacation spot for couples. The beautiful oasis is known for its Hollywood stories and music festivals. The desert has huge mountains, downtown area, windmills and some gorgeous sandy landscapes.

This diverse setting can go with a lot of moods from casual to formal and even themed wedding photography. Make the rocks your canvas while embracing the stand out background. The deep colors and festive culture around the retreat are hard to miss. You can pick and choose the setting to go with your vibe. We recommend shooting in your style right before and after sunset to catch the most colors in your engagement photoshoot. Day time photo shoots will also work against the rocks and windmills.

  1. The University of California – LA


Make your LA wedding photography memorable against the beautiful architecture of UCLA. This college campus is also famous in Hollywood due to a number of unique brick buildings. You can find a number of unique architectural buildings, beaming lights and stunning columns across the campus. Not to forget the exquisite statues and pieces of art for your shoot. They can be make great backdrops for your engagement shots.

You can go for a dressy vibe to keep the photos a bit of both casual and classy. The grandeur of the huge tall brick building will make perfect shadows in your photos. If you want a darker theme, then we recommend you stay till the sunset and twirl around with your partner in the evening lights around the campus.

  1. Laguna Beach


This spot is one of the most requested locations for LA engagement photography. Laguna Beach is also one of the most beautiful beaches in LA. The stunning sunset view on the beach make a perfect backdrop while you kiss your loved one. Get spellbound by the shimmering tide pools along the beach.

Swing in the beach mode by keeping your dresses either casual or formal based on your preference and style.  We’d recommend keeping it casual and get your ankles wet while running into the water holding his/her hand. Swim in the sea, climb the rocks and share some laughs to enjoy the shoot to its fullest.

The best thing about this beach is you can shoot anytime of the year. Enjoy the crisp photographs against the right before and after the sunset. You can also explore some cozy locations around the beach.

  1. Santa Monica


There are a lot of gorgeous places in Santa Monica that are worth raving about. The vibrant orange-purple sunset in LA is hard to miss.

Plan a fun and happening day at Santa Monica for an exciting wedding photoshoot in the city of LA. We have listed down some good spots for your session at Santa Monica:

  • Streets (for some casual portraits)
  • The dark tunnel (heading towards the beach)
  • Pier (under the orange glow of the sunset)
  • Carnival (with blurry lights in the background)
  1. Pasadena City Hall


The Pasadena City Hall is one of the most popular locations for wedding photography in LA. The setting is right out of a fairy tale book with a castle-like building. Exuberating royal vibes, this place is definitely for those romantic and hopeless romantics. Psst…you can also think of having a royal wedding inspired reception here! The city hall features a Georgian style architecture that will definitely look exclusive in your photos.  There are several other spots around as well to capture some great couple style photographs.

Add a mild urban flair to your dressing with some simple elegant pieces to stand out against the gorgeous sunset. The best time to explore the area is morning, but we suggest waiting till the sunset to complete your LA engagement photoshoot.

  1. Bel-Air Bay Club


The exclusive enclave is a private club with some sensational views. The heavenly historic venue is more than perfect for a wedding photography session with your partner. With so many beautiful surroundings, you can find some great opportunities for taking photos.

Take full advantage of the wide manicured lawn with swaying palm trees in the background. We highly recommend taking a portrait under the beautiful rose archway in the garden. The season blooms on the stone wall will add some colors to your photos.

The horizon above the sandy shoreline will add some extra points to your photoshoot during the sunset.

  1. Manhattan Beach


Another one of our beachy favorites is the Manhattan Beach. We love that it’s clean with some great piers. These two features can really work in favor of your wedding photoshoot.

Dress up casually for the photoshoot so you can explore places like under the pier. Also, it doesn’t hurt to dip your toes in water for some good photos while bathing.

  1. Mission San Juan Capistrano


The beautiful mission that was founded by the Spanish Catholics has an old-world appeal to it. It is the best place for a wedding photoshoot in LA with stunning architecture. The old place gives a good play of light and shadow in its gigantic hallways. So, if you are looking for a romantic photoshoot, then this is the place to do it. The architectural elements around can work in your favor to create some interesting background elements.

If that’s not romantic enough for you, then move out to the manicured lawns for some outdoor shots. You will experience a bloom of seasonal flowers with a lot of colors. The fountains acting as centerpieces are hard to miss. They add a soft charm to the place. You can play around the trees and branches for some romantic clicks with light streaks.

Keep in mind that the tones around you will be browns and tans. So, keep your wardrobe slight casual to formal. While a pop of color here and there will lighten up your photos.

We recommend you explore the hallways during daytime and move out in the garden near sunset for best results.

  1. Union Station


Having a white themed wedding photography at the Union Station is like the ultimate vintage dream! This historic landmark offers some stylish backdrops for the couple in love.

A lot of old Hollywood movies have also been shot here. Now you know how classy this place can be for your shoot.

Dress up elegantly in your formal wear, keeping the style old-fashioned yet classy. Make the most of Mission Moderne styling of the vintage architecture in your photos. The huge arched windows coupled with vintage chandeliers will give you some romantic shots during day time. There are some geometrical tiles as well with glass panels that can also work in your favor.

  1. Huntington Gardens


The Huntington garden is a magnificent place for wedding photography in LA. The area is worth all the hype and money spent for permit. There are special areas dedicated for photography and weddings, varying in themes and styles. Our favorite is the Rose Garden, bloomed with 1400 types of roses all around. The North Vista fountain near the roses also works as a great backdrop.

If you are inspired by celebrities taking off for a destination wedding, then this spectacular place can be the place for your destination photoshoot. The fairytale inspired locations here will take your breath away with their grandeur. Dress up in your formal clothes and get ready to have the most romantic wedding photoshoot of your life!

  1. Runyon Canyon


If you and your partner have a knack for hiking, then this is the best place for pre-wedding photoshoot in LA. Hike to the top and witness a beautiful view from the top. You can overlook the cityscape, which can also work as a great backdrop in the photos.

This place is casual and rocky, for those who really want to just enjoy a laid time back photography session with their loved one. Some great spots like the wooden bridge can also be found on your way up to the top. Make the use of trails and pose around a bit for your session.

  1. Paramount Ranch


Paramount Ranch is a 40 minute drive from Hollywood. The place is perfect for a ranch lifestyle. It is usually booked for movies and shoots, so you may have to wait a bit for your turn. The best spot here is behind the ranch style building. We suggest, you put on some gold sunnies in your best outfit and enjoy a relaxing day posing at the Paramount Ranch.

  1. Exposition Park


Located in Downtown LA, the Exposition Park is a ground for some world-class sports facilities, recreational areas and museums. The Rose garden in the Exposition Park is the best place for the wedding session. The green backdrop with roses can be a great romantic element in your photos.

  1. Korean Bell of Friendship


The massive pavilion was given as a gift from Korea to the people of LA to celebrate independence.

The intricately decorated bell in the center of the pavilion can really add a unique background in your photos. Dress up in your formals for some great shots against the blue sky.

  1. Brand Park


Brand Park is one of the most beautiful properties for wedding photoshoot in Los Angeles. The place also offers a great view of the mountains. Other places to explore is the side of the creek with running water, a gazebo and lush green grass all around for some romantic clicks. The architectural pieces around the park can also add some beauty to your wedding photoshoot.

Although there are so many other beautiful places in LA for wedding photography, these 20 are our favorite! Whether you are going for an engagement shoot or a wedding shoot in LA, just remember that these moments will be sealed forever. They are the starting point of a magical journey that will last forever. So, pick a place that feels special and close to you and you loved one. We as humans are are designed to enjoy and recall beautiful memories. Therefore; you should be able to connect with the space because it’s not just a photoshoot, it’s a commemoration to love.

Ask the right question from your photographer, discuss the best possible venues and tell what you really want. Talk about the theme you want to go for and how it talks about who you are as a couple. It’s important your photographer understands your desired result. Keep in mind that all the above mentioned locations are accessible to general public and can be crowded at times. Some of the places also require a permit or some kind of a fee for photography. Rest assured, all these locations offer incredible backdrops for your wedding photography. We hope you have the best time of your life while shooting in the beautiful city of Los Angeles.