Nikola Mirotic has been with the Chicago Bulls for three years now. He learned about our business through a charitable event that he participated in.

We started by discussing his presentation and promotion on the web. Initially, we helped create personal photos for his web presentation that were done by Designer and Gentleman. You can see that some details from that photo session here.

After a while, he asked us to create family photos too. Of course, we jumped at the opportunity right away.

Whenever we get the opportunity to work with highly sophisticated clients, we probe even deeper to understand their needs.  To achieve this, we gave Nikola Mirotic a questionnaire to fill so we could better understand him.

I remember one of the responses that he gave perfectly depicts his kindness and life philosophy.

EEQ: What is your Favorite Movie:

NMA: Hacksaw Ridge

EEQ: What is your favorite Movie Character

NMA: Desmond T Doss

That’s when we understand that he is a calm man, who doesn’t believe in violence, who loves his family and although he is not an aggressive person, he can still be a true hero and inspiration to millions of people.

Knowing all this, capturing the perfect images of his family was a memorable experience for us. We took them to the north beach of Michigan on the hottest September day recorded in history, but it was fun!

To See this family Photo album click here.

What’s most important though is that the Mirotic family is happy with the photos and we exceeded their expectations.