As a photographer, I wanted to engage with trendsetters, fashion bloggers so I could help them promote their ideas, style and bring more attraction to their web presence.

When I met Saska, a couple of months ago, we clicked immediately. I fell in love with her fashion style right away. It was clear that she is a very talented, gorgeous, young fashionista, who inspires women interested in the latest fashion trends.

I wanted to work with her ASAP, but I had to learn about her business. One of the things that Saska does is to promote the clothing outfits from various brands on her channel, and they are using her photos for editorials in media outlets across the globe.

Get published in relevant fashion magazine- checked!

After only two months of collaboration, our photo editorial was published in one of the most prominent Fashion and Life Style Magazine- ELLE. This time it was a Croatian October Issue. We are very proud to have the opportunity to be promoted in one of the most trendy, fashion influencer and life style magazines that has a global distribution.

If you ant to see this photosession click here.

If you are in the fashion industry, managing a blog, or promoting other brands, if you need a photographer who can transfer your ideas and vision into a sophisticated visual language, then please contact us now! We are open to a mutually beneficial long-term relationship.